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This week, we tested the recently released PC version of Vikings: War of Clans, the latest strategy MMO from Plarium, a game developer like Sparta: War of Empires, North: Heroes of the North or Pirates: Tides of Fortune, between other. It is a free title for web browsers that offers the typical strategy of resource collection and empire development, where players must train an army to fight against other players and AI-controlled foes.

At first glance, we find a game with good graphics, both for the images of the menus, as for the interface and all the animations of the cities. Undoubtedly, the Plarium studio knows how to make a game that presents visually well. The simple fact of seeing the city and seeing all the characters performing their various tasks is impressive.


The adventure begins with a tutorial in which an NPC kindly shows us the main functions: how the buildings are built, how to create units to join the ranks of the army and how to attack the enemy colonies. With a transition that is barely perceptible, the game progresses, which converts the tutorial into regular missions (if you can call it that because they are rewards for accomplishing tasks that are accomplished anyway ).

During the first hours of play, the content is quite simple. We had to build a series of buildings (mills, mines, farms, barracks, etc.) and then improve them. Very simple tasks where all you have to do is click with the mouse here and there, a process that can become frustrating and terribly annoying. Like many other developers, Plarium falls into the trap of making it too easy to start his games, thinking of course that what is interesting must be at a high level; but this causes that, at first, the progression is tedious. However, it is true that later, the game becomes fun.

After a few hours building and building units, which are divided into six primary categories and five different levels, we felt more involved in the strategic part of the game. The system of units of the game follows the model of Base of the game stone, paper, and scissors. All units suffer from weakness against another specific type of unit so that appropriately selecting the composition of their army is important.

The fight is faithful to what one can expect from a title of this kind. Players have a global map where they can see colonies of rival clans, neutral encampments, iron deposits, gold mines and caves where neutral enemies hide. Once a target is selected, exploration units can be sent to investigate the type of opponent’s defenses and the resources at his disposal. Thus, it is possible to organize the attack more accurately. The fighting is completely automated; the only thing on which the player can intervene is on sending troops and disposing of the army before doing so. The fight is resolved with a report indicating the most important details of the conflict and the result.

Vikings: War of Clans offers a wide variety regarding customization. The main character (hero) progresses with experience and can learn many new skills. Also, you can create different types of weapons and armor to passively improve the army or the economy. To this must be added that there is a second version of the competence system, called “knowledge,” which also allows the acquisition of new skills to improve the military units and the economy. Having two systems so similar can be confusing, but the two elements are different when progressing up the level.

Anyone who has played a Platinum title will find familiar play mechanisms. They follow a method that has been proven for years and that works like a charm if you simply rely on the number of players and downloads of their games in the various digital stores, as is the case for Vikings who, Browsers was available in the Android shop. The fundamental difference between Platinum games is the atmosphere. And that’s where we encountered a problem.

Cheats and Hack Generators of This Wonderful Game
So above we reviewed the game from A to Z but now let’s talk about delicate subject – let’s discuss cheats and hacks you can get here! I would, of course, like to talk about the gold generator first.


In recent months, we have received a lot of generator requests from you. And one understands well; the game is worth the candle.

If you are new to our site, we owe you a small presentation.

Out website is a blog that brings together all sorts of hacks that allow you to generate resources on your favorite games, especially on this game. Thanks to our super team of developers and hackers we can provide you with a free and completely reliable service. It’s cool right?

A generator is now a tool commonly accepted by players from around the world, the reason? The multiplication of games of the freemium type also called free-to-play which boast on the market as being totally free games.

Finally, apparently only because freemium often hides paid options that are discreetly imposed on the player if he wants a little time to evolve in his game. It is a bit vicious all that is not it?

It is precisely for this reason that we decided to open this site and offer you a service that is completely free. If you are a fallen in the making, I advise you to read the following carefully:

What are the advantages of the gold generator?

By generating your gold coins, you will have access to quite a few tricks in the game. There is the real advantage of the generator: you make a hell of savings!

Beyond the purely economic aspect of the generator, you will also save a lot of time and enjoy the game at its true value since waiting times imposed to improve your buildings will be canceled due to the barter of your resources.

But what marks the advantage of the generator of our website, it is mainly all the hyper protective aspect that we put in place: namely two phases of tests. A first, that we exercise ourselves on the different devices that can accommodate the game.

This phase can sometimes be very long, but it allows you to certify a quality service. Finally, we subject the generator to voluntary beta-testers that validate or not our generator. Without their approval, we cannot distribute the generator on our site. This stage is also very important to us.


What are the disadvantages of the generator on Vikings: War of Clans?

We do not see so any disadvantages for this application. The variety of resources in the game requires you a little to use the generator anyway. If not, it’s mission impossible, and that’s why you’re here


How to use the gold generator on Vikings: War of Clans?

The gold generator is a very easy to use the tool. But before you start body and soul, here are some details that will allow you to see more clearly on its operation: a generator is a transparent tool that infiltrates directly into your account in the manner of a tracing paper. Very discreet, it allows not to be recognized by the system of Plarium LTD (developers and editors of the game) and to benefit from its advantages very quickly.

To use the generator, you must first go to the site provided by clicking on the red button “Access the generator” available at the top of this page. When you arrive at the generator site you will then have to indicate either your username or the email address linked to your Vikings: War of Clans account. Finally, you will also need to specify the type of platform on which you download your video games.

To inject gold coins into your account, you must also tell us how much you want. This operation can be repeated as many times as you wish. We do not limit access to the generator. However, quantities are limited to leave a little fun for your party. The majority of the Fabians have recommended us to do so; we obey your orders!

Finally, just click “Generate” to organize the transfer of your gold coins to your Vikings: War of Clans account. We ask you to validate our security system so that the generator recognizes you as human and not as malicious software trying to sabotage our work. If you do not validate the security system, your gold coins will not be transferred to your account. This is a mandatory step. If you are not comfortable with this kind of practice, we have concocted a small video, available at the top of this article, so that you understand how to do it.

Another Hack – Vikings: War of Clans Pirate

As we mentioned earlier Vikings War of Clans is a very popular game currently on the mobile market and tables. Many people have contacted us and asked for a Vikings War of Clans Pirater, so in this tutorial, we will teach you how to use a hack of Vikings War of Clans and become a better player. Vikings War of Clans is available on devices running Android or iOS. Therefore, our Vikings War of Free Clans Clans was also designed to work with both versions of the Android and iOS game. Also, the Vikings War of Clans Pirater does not require an unblocking of your phone or that it be root, it works with any normal device, which is better than any other Hack Vikings War of Clans.

To become one of the best players of Vikings War of Clans, you need a lot of time and patience. Most people do not have that much time, so we help you acquire the resources and upgrade your characters and cities in the game with the Free Vikings War of Clans. The Hack Vikings War of Clans is very simple to Use and requires no programming skills. We have made a simple GUI that anyone can understand and use.

The Vikings War of Clans Pirater is also very fast because we used new technologies to create the tool. We also use various exploits for different games to add resources, which makes the Vikings War of Clans Piracy one of the best software. We also use external files, such as DLL files to perform some of the tasks that are required for Vikings War of Clans Hack to work.

By using the Free Vikings War of Clans, you will stay safe and you will never be banned. We’ve developed a lot of hacks for different games and not once have we received a complaint about someone we’ve banned. The Vikings War of Clans Cheat is also virus free and tested with almost all existing anti-virus software nowadays. We provide the best service for our visitors, and we would NEVER have any viruses in our software.

We also regularly update if something is fixed/broken, so if you have an alert in the software indicating that you have an older version, make sure to download the latest version for better experiences. You can read more about the features and instructions below. The download is also available FREE OF CHARGE below!

Vikings War of Clans Pirate – Instructions:

  1. Download Vikings War of Clans and run it
  2. Choose the device on which you want to use it (Android / iOS)
  3. Connect your device to the computer via USB or Bluetooth
  4. When the hack is open, choose your settings
  5. When finished with the settings, press “Hack” and wait
  6. The process will take a little time, and it will display a message when it’s finished
  7. Restart the game after the process is completed and the resources will be added!

                      Vikings – War of Clans Hack by Xhackers Team

Vikings War of Clans Tip is a revolutionary software, published by the well known xHacKeRs team. With this piracy tool, you can add unlimited amounts of gold, food, iron and much more to your account. Through this piracy tool, people get unlimited resources to use in this awesome game. So if you want to cheat on Vikings War Of Clans very easy and 100% safe, download now this Vikings War Of Clans Tool Tip, and you will have everything you need.

This game brings players into the ruthless universe Vikings, you will be thrown back to time when Viking where the best fighters of them all. The main quest is to lead brave warriors into battle and fight with all the opponents – win no matter what, build a magnificent palaces and homes, develop your greatest army and stand alone against the world. With beautiful, magnificent graphics, interesting storyline and dynamic battles this game is going to be one of the best games of this for more years ahead. The gae Vikings: War of Clans is completely free to play with in-app buying options.


Vikings War Of Clans Hack Features

Unlimited Gold
Unlimited money
Unlimited Iron
Unlimited Food
Wood Unlimited
Pierre Unlimited
Does not require root
Does not require jailbreak
Does not require installation
Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
100% safe to use


Vikings War of Clans Tip Instructions – THE PC VERSION

Download the Vikings War Of Clans Tool Tip
Connect your device to a PC via USB
Select your OS (Android / iOS) and click the “Detect Device” button
Enter for each function the amount you want to have
Activate the security system (Proxy and Anti-Ban plugins)
Click the “Start Hack” button and wait a few moments
Disconnect your device and start the game

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